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   Our latest addition is the fermented tea. As part of the fermented movement, Kombucha is growing in popularity for its health benefits and sense of general well being it gives to drinkers.  We carry a varied selection of local and national brand bottled Kombuchas and we now have local Kombucha on tap! You can buy your fermented tea by the Growler 


Everything Tea!

   The owner has a particular penchant for anything tea……

We carry a fabulous collection of loose-leaf teas from Rishi Teas (some favorites: Coconut Oolong, Ginger Matcha Buzz, Tumeric Ginger, Cinnamon Plum and Moroccan Mint.We also carry a selection of Yogi teas and other varieties.



We not only aim to provide the basics for folk, but healthy options as well as unique options. From local ‘old style fare’ (chow chow, tomato relish, pickles in a bag) to ethnic fun-ness (Indian, Chinese and Thai), plus some imported items from Europe, such as mint jelly and Scottish marmalade with champagne.  Of course, we have the basics too! Paper towels, dish soap, garbage bags, oils, flour, milk, bread spices, sauces, and pastas (we like pasta); we’ve got you covered!

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Local Products 

   Charlotte loves to find new local products to share with everybody. The Team take Customer requests very seriously and we endeavor to do our very best in finding it for them!

  Every month we get in new product and we love it when customers browse and never know what they might stumble upon!

As interest grows, we are looking to add more and more local meat products.

  Of course, we already have a nice range of locally grown produce in the summer months through Autumn offering an abundance of colour and flavour to any dish!

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